Ribbons, Doves, Butterflies & Bubbles

Dove Release 1

Doves are beautiful, devoted creatures. Watching them soar together in synchronous flight is an inspiration and a joy to watch.

They symbolize unity, loyalty, love, beauty, devotion and peace — all that you wish for yourselves throughout your own life together.

As you release them into flight, send with them your own hopes and dreams, which will soar with the birds, to soon come back to you.

(Possible song cue here.)

Dove Release 2

Doves have been used for centuries to symbolize all the hope, peace and love that come from new beginnings. As they release this pair into flight, we who are here today, join them in wishing that all that is good will go with them into their new life together.

Watch closely as the birds fly. Together they will create beautiful patterns in the sky; sometimes apart, sometimes together, always in harmony with one another. This is how it is with a good marriage. Two people moving together, both on their own paths, yet united in their journey.

As you begin your adventure today, we wish for you to enjoy the beauty of your flight, the intricacies of the patterns you create, and the peace such a journey can bring.

Butterfly Release 3

Butterflies are as beautiful as they are fragile.  They symbolize transformation and all that is perfect in the world.  As you two join today in marriage, your commitment to love releases into the world a new wonder, a new beauty, a new perfection.

One of the secrets of being happy with one you love is to take hold lightly and let go lightly.  As you release these gentle creatures, may your love transform itself and everyone it touches into its highest form.

Butterfly Release 4

This is for use just prior to a Butterfly Release, while the guests and bridal party are still attentive to the Officiant’s voice:

“You may not remember the words spoken here today; you may not remember the colors of the flowers; you may not remember the music you dance to this evening…

None of us may remember how long the butterflies linger. But, in addition to the joy on the faces of these two beloved people, there is one thing I will remember…
If a butterfly lands on the palm of my hand… I cannot hold onto that butterfly. If I try to hold it, it will be crushed. If I keep my hand open, it will be safe… Just like our relationships… the butterfly needs to be free…”

Bubble Blessing 5

BRIDE and GROOM would like you all to open up your bottle of bubbles now and ask everyone gathered here today to join in extending to them your love and support by taking a moment to believe in magic.

Please focus on your wish for their relationship to flourish and grow throughout a long and happy life together. So join me now in taking a moment to blow your bubbles out to the Universe and ask that this marriage be blessed and sacred throughout their lives.

Please take a deep breath now and send your wishes, blessings and prayers out for BRIDE and GROOM as you send your bubbles out into this beautiful day.

Ribbon Ceremony 6

On this day, BRIDE and GROOM came together as man and woman to be joined in marriage.  It is, however, more than just the union of two people in love.  It is also the joining of two families.

We ask today for the blessings of the children (or fill in child’s name here).  We ask that each child of BRIDE and GROOM approach the couple and show his or her support of the couple by blessing their union with a ribbon of love.

Music Plays

(Each of the couples’ children approach couple and loosely binds their wrists together with ribbon.)

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