We perform memorable, personalized, and romantic wedding ceremonies for all couples, regardless of race, gender, orientation, religious belief or lack thereof. Our goal is to provide you a memorable and romantic ceremony that you and your guests will cherish forever.

  • We are legally ordained non-denominational wedding ministers licensed to perform legal marriages in all 50 states
  • Traditional,  creative, and interfaith wedding ceremonies
  • Money Back Guarantee – If you are not completely satisfied with the content and performance of your wedding ceremony, we will refund 100% of our fees. This is YOUR big day and it should be what YOU want it to be!

Contact us today and find out how we can make your wedding ceremony a true masterpiece. It is our personal goal to always exceed your expectations. We look forward to hearing from you!

COST: For Wedding Ceremony pricing please see our Wedding Packages page.

Please note that unlike most wedding officiants, we DO NOT have a section on our website of photos of weddings we have officiated. It is our philosophy that a wedding ceremony is one of the most special events in the lives of a couple and we do not believe that wedding photos should be used for marketing purposes of wedding officiants.

Funerals & Memorials

When a loved-one dies we want to create something beautiful for them, but are often at a loss as to how to plan their memorial, funeral, or celebration-of-life. We begin by listening to you and others, learning about what you feel is important to say and to remember. We then work in a timely manner to create a ceremony for your loved-one that is unique and meaningful and true to his or her spirit and memory.  We would be honored to talk to you and to assist you and your family. 

  • We are legally ordained non-denominational funeral ministers
  • Traditional,  creative, and interfaith funeral ceremonies
COST: $100.00**

Please note: Funeral or memorial services for anyone under the age of 18 are always performed at ABSOLUTELY NO COST.

Other Ceremonies


A living wake allows those nearing the end of life a chance to connect with loved ones in a deeply meaningful way, whether you want one last party with friends or to tie up loose ends. For those of us still living, it is a gentle and joyous beginning to the grieving process. This kind of celebration is not for everybody, it is true. But for those to whom it appeals, a living wake can truly be a magically uplifting and life-affirming way to look dying and death squarely in the eye and let it bring you to a new appreciation for living. 

COST: $150.00**


Traditional. Natural. Simple. Respectful. Transformative. In all states, it is legal to have your loved one’s body at home after they die, no matter where your loved one passed. Receive education and support for holding a home funeral, supervision for care of the body of your loved one, as well as resources for materials such as shrouds and simple caskets.​

COST: $150.00**


Specifically aimed at supporting pregnancy-related losses, such as miscarriages, still births, and pregnancy terminations. 

COST: $100.00**


For changes and milestones that deserve to be marked. Rituals and ceremonies allow us to define and enter the neutral zone between what was, and what will be. Together we create a ceremony to identify the emotional and practical changes in your life, as a way to celebrate and channel change. Naming ceremonies, adoption ceremonies, trans namings, home warmings and rituals for loss such as divorce.   

COST: $100.00**

For Your Beloved Pet Family Members


To formally honor and acknowledge your pet adoption is very meaningful for all the hearts involved. In a Family Welcoming and Naming Ceremony, guests and participants together celebrate and affirm the special pure nature of the human-animal bond, which many people experience as uniquely loving, nurturing and spiritual.

Every ceremony we create is custom and uniquely personal, so be assured your ceremony will reflect your personality, style, traditions, spiritual beliefs and values. You will give final approval to the ceremony script, and receive a keepsake copy at a later date.

COST: $75.00**


A Threshold Ceremony that we would custom-create to reflect your loving bond with your animal, and your needs, beliefs and values might include these elements:

  • Short ritual to invite loving and positive energy into the space
  • Blessing your pet before their journey
  • Words of love and parting
  • Closing words, poem or prayer after the procedure
  • Private time for you and your family with your pet after their transformation
COST: $75.00**

Please note: If you have not already made arrangements with a licensed veterinarian to perform the actual act of euthanasia please contact us. We can assist you in making arrangements with a licensed veterinarian who will travel to your home to euthanize your pet during the ceremony. The cost of euthanasia is NOT included in the cost for the ceremony – this will be negotiated between you and the veterinarian. The typical cost for euthanasia is around $250 for the licensed veterinarian with additional fees for cremation (if you are not burying your pet) ranging from $100 to $275 depending on various factors.


A ritual acknowledgement of your pet’s death—an uplifting Celebration of Life ceremony—can be a very helpful and healing activity for you and your family. Honoring your animal’s life and acknowledging your loving relationship can provide you with comfort and further your grief and recovery process, while creating beautiful last memories.

Every ceremony we design and write to honor an animal is unique and custom. After consulting with and interviewing you in preparation, your pet’s Celebration of Life would be written from your perspective to include a eulogy (the animal’s life story) and to accurately reflect your personal style, needs, wishes, religious or spiritual beliefs, and values.

The Celebration of Life ceremony could be held in your home or in another suitable venue, according to your preference and number of guests that would be present.

If you wish, we could also design a short, Disposition Ceremony for the later burial or scattering of your beloved pet’s cremains (ashes).

COST: $75.00**


A custom Professional Support Ceremony is a compassionate, meaningful, and team-building occasion. It is a powerful method to regain spiritual grounding and emotional uplift, and an opportunity to re-remember why it is that you have chosen to do the difficult and important work that you do.

COST: $100.00**

**Travel Fees

Travel to the ceremony location beyond 20 miles from Providence, RI incurs a travel fee. There are no travel fees if you are within the 20 mile radius.

Travel Fees – 21 to 34 miles
Travel Fees – 35 to 49 miles
Travel Fees – 50 to 74 miles
Travel Fees – 75 to 100 miles

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