15 Questions to Ask Before Writing Your Wedding Vows

Thinking about writing your own vows, but do not know where to start? Here are 15 questions to ask yourself before writing your own wedding vows.

  1. He/She is the love of my life due to _____.
  2. I can be the best spouse/partner by _____.
  3. I pinky promise to always _____.
  4. When he/she is down, I can lift him/her up by _____.
  5. He/She makes me laugh out loud during _____.
  6. He/She made me feel like _____ the first time we met.
  7. And _____ as we proposed and became engaged.
  8. We complement each other well because _____.
  9. I knew I could not live without him/her when _____.
  10. I choose him/her because _____.
  11. I love him/her more than _____.
  12. I will encourage him/her to _____.
  13. I will inspire him/her to _____.
  14. He/She taught me to be _____.
  15. We have been the perfect pair ever since _____.
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