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What we do

We are ceremony officiants and not really ceremony planners, but over the years we’ve worked with a lot of pro’s. If you don’t have a planner we are happy to employ our expertise to assist with:

Ceremony Prep & Planning

Of course, this is what we do! We’ll make sure your ceremony is special and memorable – a one-of-a-kind occasion that you’ll cherish years from now!


Assist with referring a photographer / videographer who can meet the needs of your ceremony and the moments leading up to it and after it.

Perfect Cake

We’ve worked with one of the best wedding cake artists in New England. She’ll bake your vision into a work of delicious art that simply takes the cake!

Food / Catering

Over the years we’ve personally coordinated and partnered with more than two dozen on-site and venue-based event caterers throughout New England. From small gatherings to the gala event, we’ll partner you with a caterer to match both your needs and your budget!

There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.

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