Family Medallion Ceremony

Family Medallion Ceremony 1

INSERT CHILDREN’S NAME(S), you will have a share in this marriage, for your lives will be touched by the promises made by your mother and father today.

Your participation will be needed to develop the bonds of this new family.

We now ask you to promise that you will all join together to create a family of mutual help, respect and support.

We ask that you help to create a home and a way of life in which all of you may grow into the best people you can be. In this spirit, will you pledge to continue to grow together and honor this new family for all the days that follow?

The children respond, “We will”.

BRIDE and GROOM, as you give yourselves to one another in love and loyalty, will you also promise always to keep room in your new life together for INSERT CHILDREN’S NAMES? Will you commit yourselves to respect and honor them as individuals and members of this family? Will you pledge to cherish, encourage and tenderly care for them as long as they need you?

We respond, “We will”.

As a symbol of the two families joined as one today, a special medallion will now be presented to each of you.

As you receive your token of family unity, always remember the love that has brought all of you together and that will guide you and nurture you in the years ahead.

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